cure hepatitis with honey

Our natural remedy for hepatitis with the mixture of honey is indeed much more effective than the drugs usually used to fight hepatitis. These drugs do not fight hepatitis at its origin. They can only prevent the symptoms of the disease, without destroying the virus.

Our natural treatment is different, it is 100% herbal and directly attacks the virus. At the end of your treatment, the virus will therefore be permanently gone and you will be completely cured. Trust us! This natural remedy is the secret to curing hepatitis B and C by plants.

From the first month, you will notice a significant relief marked by the gradual disappearance of the most important symptoms. This treatment is the best natural solution if you want to lead a normal life and grow old despite your HIV positive status.

Order it and start treatment early. Support is offered throughout the period of its intake. To reach us, click on the Whatsapp button in the right corner of your screen or contact us on WhatsApp at  +22990431725

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Honey against hepatitis: Natural syrup

A good syrup for hepatitis can be made using lemon, white acahuale leaves, also called chipaca or cadillo, peppermint leaves, and honey as these ingredients help regenerate the liver. 

honey cures hepatitis b


  • 1 whole lemon with zest;
  • 8 leaves of white acahuale (  Bidens pilosa);
  • 12 peppermint or peppermint leaves;
  • 1 cup of orange blossom honey (orange blossom).

Method of preparation

Place the lemon, white acahuale leaves and mint leaves in a bowl and crush them well. Cover with orange blossom honey and let stand 12 hours. Then squeeze the mixture well, strain and take 3 tablespoons per day. 

How to have a healthy liver?

One of the things we should never forget is that a  healthy liver is essential to our life and well-being.

This means that any bad habit like smoking, eating poorly, or even maintaining a sedentary lifestyle has consequences.

Foods for the liver: the good and the bad!  - Ataraksy

Certainly, on some occasion you will have spent those days where you feel bloated, with very low energy, a bad taste in your mouth, and furthermore, you perceive that your digestion is very heavy. And what is it due to?

Before resorting to self-medication, however, it is always recommended to consult your doctor for a check-up. In addition, it is recommended to improve your eating habits.

  • A healthy liver promotes circulation and adequate blood flow. In addition, it manages to properly separate nutrients from toxic substances in our body.
  • You have to  drink plenty of fluids to promote this internal cleansing  .
  • The liver needs adequate levels of antioxidants and vitamin C. Therefore, be sure to eat foods that contain them.
  • Good nutrition is essential for maintaining a healthy liver. One model that can inspire you is the Harvard plaque.

If you have any doubts about how to maintain good liver health, consult your doctor and follow their recommendations. 

Honey garlic remedy recipe

If You Eat Garlic and Honey on an empty stomach for 7 days, here is ...

Ingredients and Materials

  • 1 glass bottle
  • 1 head of garlic
  • Enough honey to cover the capacity of the jar you have chosen


  • The first thing we are going to do is peel the garlic. Peel them one by one then cut them in half with a sharp knife. In this way, its natural and therapeutic compounds will be infused with honey.
  • The next step is easy. We will leave the garlic open at the bottom of the glass jar and gradually pour the honey.
  • The goal is to avoid gaps or bubbles. Everything must be covered. To do this, use a spoon so that slowly everything is vacuum packed. This way you can marinate properly.
  • Once ready,  seal the bottle tightly and let pass a week  . Then we can already consume it normally.

Some uses of honey


If we start consuming honey with proper regularity before the allergy season, we will help the body   accept pollen without rejection  , which will alleviate typical spring allergies.


When we get sick with flu and colds, a good remedy for soothing the throat is lemon honey.


Honey is considered a natural laxative, moreover it is the preferred food of the intestinal flora, responsible for the fermentation which gives rise to feces.


From treating acne for its antibacterial power to eliminating dandruff or reducing hair loss, the antioxidant and moisturizing properties of honey give us   enormous benefits for the dermis  .


The antibacterial properties of honey stimulate the immune system, especially when we apply it to the skin. Hence, it is ideal   for treating wounds   and keeping them free from infection.

The same goes   for the treatment of burns and ulcers  , as it is a good natural antiseptic.


Another benefit of honey is that it is considered a natural pain reliever. Eating a small tablespoon of honey before bed therefore allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily for the secretion of melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone.

With all this, you can start to introduce honey into your daily life with small amounts in the morning and evening, as the benefits always appear with small daily doses.